• EQ for the Tech Industry


    “It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant. They do matter, but mainly as 'threshold capabilities' - that is, they are entry-level requirements…”​


    Daniel Goleman, speaking at Google

  • HackingEQ Programs

    Emotional Intelligence for Organizations

    Coaching allows individuals and teams to:

    • work through situations that are coming up in the real work
    • debug their new skills work in practice based on experience
    • reflect on how they can grow further.​

    For individuals who want to accelerate their growth, one-on-one coaching is an intense and efficient engagement.


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    We designed our workshops around the issues we have seen in our work in the tech industry

    • building a human culture in engineering and product groups.
    • engineers moving into management.
    • super-star technical contributors becoming executive-level leaders.
    • mastering difficult conversations in a fast-moving, intense, creative environment.

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    The evidence that EQ matters is overwhelming. In the tech industry, where close, creative collaboration is critical, EQ is all the more necessary.

    EQ can be learned as a series of simple but powerful changes (“hacks”) to the way people think of themselves, the people around them and how they relate together

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